MarthMariam Samajam

The MarthMariam Samajam is the Church ladies group for ladies over the age of 16. The group comes together for study, prayer and fellowship. All women are invited to join in the monthly prayer meetings which involve learning new Christian songs and studying the bible. The central theme for all meetings is to encourage fasting, meditation and prayer for spiritual growth and spiritual strength. The group is able to build a community of support through the monthly prayer meetings. The group also gets involved in coming to the aid of women who are held back because of social and economic circumstances.
Samajam meets every third Sunday in the church. This ministry is dedicated to providing fellowship and spiritual growth for women, with a special emphasis on family issues.
This ministry is to provide a broad overview of the content, history and practice of our faith. We will look at the Scriptures, and very specifically at the Gospels, as well as focus on understanding the liturgy, worship and sacramental life of the Church. We will also discuss personal spiritual disciplines, stewardship, Christian moral values, the development of the virtues and faithful living.